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It is the companies philosophy that societally we often waits until well into adulthood to start improving upon our relationship with self. ABCAffirmations encourages an early start! With researched methods and activities, the products implement known mental health and wellness practices from different focus areas as a means of teaching self-love.

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For the instagram page, we thought it important to showcase children in their element, while also adding a burst of color and imagination from design elements within the brand style.


Flash Cards

The main offering of the company. Were you aware that reciting positive affirmations for 15 minutes each day is known to improve self-esteem?



What better way to get to know yourself than writing down your thoughts, goals, aspirations, and more!



Knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and what you need from others is the best recipe for growing and scaling your company. This One-Sheeter does the job of encompassing all three in a succinct and efficient way.

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Landing Page

Like with most product launches, potential consumers would like to know more. Using, we crafted a clean and modern landing page that offered product details, company origins, and even a pre-order page for early adopters testing out the brand.

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