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Seeking Solace: A Guide to Self-Care

Self-care, like most things, are easier said than done. Check these 4 tricks to servicing self even when there is little time or energy left to do so...

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I am just going to come right out and say it. Adulting kinda sucks, and it's simply because of how difficult it can be to prioritize oneself. When our list of responsibililies stretches far beyond mundane personal and professional tasks, it becomes easy to lose touch with the aspects of life that keep us feeling sane and soothed. Yet, with a little mindfulness and incorporation, these tips could make it easier to find moments for self in the midst of a super busy schedule.

1. Take a Sec

The hustle and bustle of daily life can make anybody forget to give themselves a moment to just *breathe*. Though it is second nature, how often is it that we take intentional breaths? I’m talking about the deep ones that end in sigh of relief, helping to carry us through the rest of our day. Each time I step foot out of my front door, open a window, or encounter a gust of fresh air, I make it a point to breathe deep. It gives me a small reset, offers an aspect of life to be grateful for, and lets me know that aside from all else, I am still alive. Such a small incorporation makes a big difference in mental clarity and relaxation. Try it and see what it changes for you!

2. Spend Time Outside!

Between the COVID quarantine, working from home, and always having something to do, spending a little time outside can be a chore in and of itself. Especially when it comes to the more introverted folks. However, it is one of the most suggested means of clearing the mind and reconnecting with self. The outdoors offers room to think, move, and see in ways we might not have been able to while holed up in our own racing thoughts. Some of the best times I've had was sitting alone on my front stoop for a couple minutes or taking my dog for a short stroll around the block. Having a moment in which we are allowed to be unbothered, unneeded, and free to take a sec to just *breathe* can be the cause a much needed shift at any time of the day.

Funny how that breathing thing came up again. Please...try it.

3. Wash Up

Believe it or not, a shower can change the face of your whole day if you let it. Feeling squeaky clean can bring you out of a crummy mood in no time, even if you have to hop in and out pretty quickly.

Studies say that a cold shower proves effective in improving upon anxiety and depression if taken for 2-3 minutes once or twice per day. Obviously, a cold shower does not sound appealing when you‘re feeling down in the dumps or are being hammered by work deadlines, but, with some adaptation its not too bad. On my worst days, I like to wipe the tub out and sit in the shower (yes...I said sit). I’ll plop down and let some hot water run over me for a good minute, and when I’ve worked up the nerve, I‘ll blast myself with a spritz of cool. A quick pick me up as I like to call it. In honesty, it does supply you with a bit of a jolt followed by some goosebumps, but it’ll get your blood pumping and mind energized before carrying on about your business.

4. Eat Something Good

Who can deny the satisfaction of a hearty meal? Our bodies need it, our brains crave it, and theres oh so many options to choose from. Aside from the act of eating setting off literal pleasure centers in our brain, good food is a great way to give yourself additional energy while thanking it for carrying you along. Whether it be cooking for yourself or ordering out, finding a meal that’ll nourish you and taste good at the same time is a sure fire recipe for satisfaction across the board. If anybody can name a time where a tasty dish didn’t save their day, then I’ll volunteer to come cook for them myself!


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